The Fintech Camp Association is born!

We are proud to announce that Fintech Camp is now more than a brand name. Starting with April 20, the Fintech Camp Association is fully operational as a Romanian-based NGO. Its aim is to promote the use of technology in the financial industry and engage actors from all areas of the industry in a community effort to bring relevant fintech products and projects to the end-users.

What does this mean for Fintech Camp going forward? First of all, a formal not-for-profit structure allows any interested party – individual or entity – to contribute with resources to the development of current and future grassroots Fintech Camp communities. Also, contributors may propose projects and events they see fit to be developed within the Fintech Camp network. If you want to learn how you can contribute to the association, subscribe to our newsletter for an upcoming extensive post on the subject.

Even more important is that the Fintech Camp Association can now become an active party on local, national and regional discussions on fintech-related topics. As the organisation grows, with the support of members, chapter leaders, and other entities involved, we would like to give everyone in the financial and fintech industries a loudspeaker to voice their visions, wishes and concerns.

One last note: the ethos of Fintech Camp does not change. We are committed to bring fintech as close as possible to local communities in CEE and beyond, while allowing local chapter leaders to set the course of their community’s development as they see fit. We believe that decentralising the community-building process, while supporting local chapters with resources and exchanging know-how & best practices, means every person in the Fintech Camp family can achieve their own goals as they best see fit.

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