The power of a community

Back in July 2017, when we decided to reactivate the Fintech Camp initiative, we looked at what is happening on the tech scene, both in Eastern Europe and beyond. Taking a page from the 2018 predictions of the most recent State of European Tech Report drafted by Atomico and Slush:

  • there’s an ever-growing need of tech specialists, not only in technical positions but, even more so, in non-technical positions that startups and companies working on tech products are looking to fill; as a result, entrepreneurs and corporates will look even more outside traditional geographical hubs in search for talent;
  • highly-regulated industries – healthcare, finance & banking, investment – are starting to be seen as areas where bigger competitive advantages lie, past the authorisation / licensing processes that need to be fulfilled; especially in Europe, several upcoming regulatory changes which startups can benefit from may position them well-ahead of their US counterparts;
  • the rise of ICOs and cryptocurrencies, especially in 2017, has raised eyebrows from all areas of the tech industry, and among the ones better positioned to start acting on the market are experts from the financial industry.

All of the above trends can be observed if we look at the tech communities at large – that is why we decided to have a network of communities at the basis of everything we try to build in the fintech space.

Fast-forward to the end of 2017, and we have organised over 20 events, with an online reach of over 100,000 people throughout all of the 5 cities we are currently active in.

We could not have made this possible without the help of our chapter leaders and the communities they have managed to reach with their efforts. In 2018, we plan to expand further to Eastern Europe and become one of the leading fintech communities that are spreading throughout Europe. If you want to start a local chapter of Fintech Camp, drop us a line at

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