Are you passionate about FinTech? Are you interested in disrupting the payment sector?
Does bitcoin (blockchain), real-time payments, banking, billing, mobile payments, peer to peer lending, e-wallets, security, encryption make you curious? 

If you have 3 minutes now and 48+ hours between the 6-8 of May then apply here and let’s see if you’re the selected one in challenging the global FinTech Community Scene

You’ll get food, drinks, everlasting coffee … and prizes!

Pizza food

But we need your help to figure them out…

We’re still pondering about the big prize for the winning team of the hackathon.

So we’re asking you to join the think tank on this matter: tell us what to offer as a prize!

You will be awarded a smart bluetooth bracelet if your suggestion matches the exact prize we’re going to offer at the end of the hackathon.

Wanna join the fun ?

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Which one are you?

FinTech Enthusiast


Some say that God created the world – The developer created God. He is not the ordinary programmer, he is a wizard who can make your dreams come true.

Fingers moving faster than Usain Bolt he can turn bits into reality and code 100 meters under 9 seconds.

Are you that programmer, that legend?

FinTech Entrepreneur


This guy/girl has no limits. In Agrabah there was Aladdin and the flying carpet, we’ve got the business guru and his excel sheet.

This hood rat explodes his ideas constantly in the air, usually those are great ideas but sometimes a bit too much. Are you the wild visionary and a powerful presenter?

Do you bring ALL the feral ideas into life with your words.. and.. stick?

FinTech Enthusiast

FinTech Enthusiast

Step away from your temptations and feast with your eyes, because this sitting is one you should not miss out on.

Get your enthusiasm together and just apply already!