out of confort zone



You made the first step towards a slightly brighter future, full of opportunities and cool people like yourself.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is no small thing and we welcome your enthusiasm and energy at Fintech Camp Hackathon!


Friday evening was dedicated to meeting your colleagues, pizza&beer (a.k.a. networking), finding out about what we’ve planned for you, peeking at the sponsors and prizes and most important, the ideas behind the hacks that you’re about to unravel.


Now, we need to get a bit more organized in order to get thing going further (and faster): your next step is to create or join a project. To help you do this we created a workplace here:



(sign-up > join event > create your project)

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday from 9 AM for a cup of coffee and a couple of good words!


Andrei Neagu
Andrei Neagu

If you have any questions regarding this setup don’t hesitate to bug this guy with your inspired dilemmas.

Hint: he was in front of you on Friday evening and bugged you with information!