Laszlo Czero


László started his career very young, working as a web developer. He decided to change his path and to move into management when he was around 25. He made this crucial decision after hearing a quote from Bill Gates explaining how he successfully built up his business empire.

At 25 he joined Hungary’s wealthiest man, György Gattyán. Two years later he took the lead of a company which is responsible for one of the world’s most visited website, from 2013 he guided a company in role of managing director with more than 1,000 employees from Luxembourg. Co-founder of, which is the only commercially successful mainstream livestreaming service in the world. In 2012 he played a role inChristina Aguilera’s music video to advertise the product, that was seen by over a 100 million people.

One year later, he was chosen as one of the most influential leader in Luxembourg, this year January CNBC placed him in the top 10 biggest leaders of the adult entertainment. From June 2015 he is building he’s own company

Alex Negru

Co-Founder & Marketing @ Minutizer

Alexandru Negru
Paul Tinichigiu

Paul Tinichigiu

Senior Software Engineer @ Smart X Net

He’s a Cisco Certified Academy Instructor & Oracle MySQL Database Administrator. He has more than 20 year of experience as a programmer

Adrian Rindasu

Co-Founder @ EDUROM

Trainer for Global Situational Leadership –

certified by Center for Leadership Studies, USA, Co-Trainer BELBIN& Dynamic Delegation for Senior Managers – Barrie Watson, Co-creator BELBIN.

Adrian held training and coaching for middle and top management teams in more than 50 companies in Romania. He is also coordinating some national projects for Performance Management and participates in international programs for Productivity Improvement initiatives.

Co-founder of Edurom, he is in the training business for more than 14 years.

Adrian Randasu
George Ghimici

George Ghimici

Senior Software Engineer @ Mambu

George is a senior Java software engineer at Mambu with a experience of 9 years on professional projects,
mostly involved in back-end development of applications as banking platforms and database tools.
He holds a BSc in Computer Science and MSc in Software Engineering. He is highly passionate about grid computing, data structures and algorithms getting involved in analyses and designing of software solutions for challenging use cases.