Below you can find answers to the most frequent questions we received so far. If what you are looking for can’t be found in there, don’t hesitate to share your dilemma via email at contact[at]fintech[dot]camp. We’ll get right on it and get you sorted in no time!

What can I create at Fintech Camp?

Apps, APIs or other tools related to the blockchain, e-payments, digital wallets, peer-to-peer lending, secure payments and anti-fraudulent behaviour and whatever you can think of that has the potential to disrupt the financial industry.

Is it better to apply as part of a team?

Yes, if you already have an idea of a project to work on. You can also apply individually, and you understand that, under the format of the event, we will select a team you will join on the day of the hackathon, or group you with others also applying individually. Teams should be a minimum of 3 members, if possible with intertwining capabilities (we think that a team of one or two coders, one designer and one business developer should be the perfect fit for a hackathon).

Are there any special conditions to apply?

Whether you’re 15 or 40, from outside of Iasi or a local, as long as you share a passion for coding and think that fintech sounds like fun and world-changing, then you’d be a great fit!

However, taking into account the size of the premises where this first edition of Fintech Camp will take place, the organising team and its partners will filter the participants for which taking part in the Fintech Camp will bring the most added value.

Can I apply with more than one idea?

It would be best to apply with the idea which you’re most familiar with, since the timeframe of the event is limited and you will want to get as advanced as possible with your prototype / MVP by Sunday.

However, applying with multiple ideas does not mean you will not be considered for the selection of attendees – if you’re confident that you can deliver on any of the ideas with the same degree of enthusiasm and commitment, feel free to tell us about all of them!

Can I pitch an existing product already on the market?


Fintech Camp is a hackathon aimed at creating added value within 48 hours, bringing ideas from paper to code to prototype in this specific timeframe.

We reserve the right to disqualify any individual or team who is found out to be working on a pre-existing project, regardless of when we find out about this (before, during or after the event, for an unlimited period of time).

What should I deliver by the end of Fintech Camp?

Any idea you have been working on should be presented in the form of a rough MVP; if this is not possible (for example, customer validation can only be performed for a limited number of potential customers), validate what you can using the mentors’ expertise and the opinions of other teams or individuals present at the event. You are expected to have a business model for your idea, an executed design and executable lines of code / a website, and a list of OKRs for the next month and next three months that would help further validate and improve your product.

When presenting the product, you can powerpoint slides, short movies, live demos etc.

What are the prizes?

One grand prize, which you will decide on (more details coming soon), as well as several prizes granted by the sponsors of the event

How is the selection being made?

We’re focusing on people that have previous experience of building something. It doesn’t have to be for profit – if you’ve built something in your own dorm or bedroom and you’re proud of it, mention it in the application form. If it’s fintech-related, even better!

Where can I find the event schedule?

The exact schedule for the event is a work-in-progress and will be available soon!

Do you provide reimbursements on transportation and/or accommodation for participants travelling to Iasi?

Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse any costs involving transportation and/or accommodation for Fintech Camp participants. However, we recommend you consult our webpage for indications on how to get to Iasi from other major cities, as well as places you can stay (also try AirBnB, for some more affordable places).

How can I gain access to mentors present at the event?

We aim to have on-premises enough mentors at any time during daytime so that you can obtain valuable input from them at any given moment, without any additional procedure, queuing or prior schedule. Moreover, if you want to recommend a mentor who you think should be invited to the event, drop us an e-mail!

What happens to the intellectual property rights over my product?

Fintech Camp does not have any claims over the intellectual property rights related to any of the products created in the hackathon. Please note that, if you’re product is really good, partners and mentors may be interested to explore the product further after the event. In this case, Fintech Camp may, upon request, provide free general legal assistance so that you can set up an agreement or other type of partnership related to your product (without actually drafting any documents on your behalf). Drop us a line if and when you need this.

Please note that, without prejudice to the above, you will grant Fintech Camp a non-exclusive, perpetual, non-cancelable, royalty free, fully paid up, worldwide right and license to edit, modify, adapt, translate, exhibit, publish, transmit, participate in the transfer of, reproduce, copy, create derivative works from, distribute, perform, display and otherwise use all and/or any part of your name, likenesses, photographs, voice and image in all materials generated at the event, without limitation, anywhere in the world in any form (tangible or intangible, permanent or ephemeral, including, without limitation, audio, video, print, electronic, written, and photographic) and via any transmission medium (including, without limitation, television, radio, Internet, and print) now existing or that may exist in the future for advertising, trade, promotion, publicity and other related purposes without compensation and without notice to or consideration, review or approval from you.

How are winners selected?

All projects will be evaluated for several aspects:


  • Novelty & Business Model – what need is being solved by the product, what are the current competitors and how fit is the business model  
  • Product – including user interface / user experience, design aesthetics and versatility of software and other resources used
  • Scale of Impact – what is the addressable market and how potential users can be reached
  • Team – complementarity of skills in the team behind the project

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