4, 5, 6th of NOVEMBER, 2016 | Bucharest, ROMANIA

Another hackathon bytes the dust. Yes, this one's done as well.

Stay tuned: the following editions are on the pipe, comin'atcha in Sofia and Helsinki!

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The second hackathon in Romania aimed at disrupting the financial industry

Is this your playground ?

It’s been nearly two decades since the financial industry last witnessed major changes, when Paypal rose to fame.

Time has passed, and new challenges have appeared. The highly technical and regulated financial industry now needs to adapt itself to the incoming wave of Millennial consumers, which represent more than one third of the global population.

The financial industry needs its digital heroes, and we’re setting the stage to find the next Max Levchin.

FinTech Camp is a two-day challenge for the best programmers in Romania that want to leave a mark in the financial industry. A week-end of pure coding and a chance to be part of a new FinTech movement in the SEE.

Venue & travel information



District 2

39-41 Strada Nicolae Filipescu

Bucharest, Romania


From the airport or railway station, you can take an Uber or Taxi. It will take around 5-7Euros (20-35 Lei).

If you come by car add TechHub as destination on the GPS

Hotel & Restaurant

The food will be provided by the organizers, no worries there.
However, the hotels have decent prices and there are close by.
Find good deals and check in HERE

They believe in the local potential and make this happen

Raiffeisen Bank Reusim impreuna
TechHub Fintech Camp Bucharest 2016

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